Slaves of the Sanguine Colosseum

Prisoner Transport Heist! and a lovely evening.

Deciding to act and save the prisoners from their execution, the group ambushed and captured the travelling prisoner cart and rescued the occupants. Scl’il and Syn escorted the prisoners to an abandoned warehouse where they stashed them away and learned that “”/characters/spartacus" class=“wiki-content-link”>Spartacus" most likely died in the escape attempt. Scl’il and Syn then bedded down and had a LOVELY and ENTERTAINING evening :P.

The rest of the part fled the ambush north into the Sune Market, where they were sheltered by Lady Melody. Afterwards the party headed back to the Cellar before heading out that night to attempt to find the whereabouts of Emelia. They discovered the city estate of Donnel’s to be in disuse but did manage to discover a stack of letters in a hidden stash.

The party was also given an offer to board the Ol’ Sally merchant vessel as hired crew under Captain Briarheart.


Morning came and Oscar, Dain, and Syn took the wolf out looking for Scl’il and Kazgar. After wandering through the city they found themselves at the Great Library of Leira, where they also found the duo exiting with some clever cloak-work and excellent balancing skills. The party made their way back to the Cellar.

While the others were out looking for the troublemakers, Rose took the time to comfort Lia from the dream and helped pull her back onto steady feet.

An eventful night and start to a day...

The Party remained apart overnight due to their decisions taking them separate ways. Kazgar and Scl’Il spent their night in the clock tower of Brantos’ great library while the other remained tucked way in the cellar of a quarantined building near the south wall of Brantos. The night’s watch was relatively uneventful until the city’s alarm bells sounded out in the dead of the night due to the actions of Kazgar and Scl’ll. The rest simply took turns taking watch to maintain the security of their makeshift home.

In the early hours of the morning, Lia had a strangely real dream where she found herself playing the role of Valor in battle. Valor and their troops stood against strange beings that spat a strange acidic substance that coated the ground that it hit and allowed beings seemingly covered in the same substance to advance as an unstoppable tide of doom. The faces of members of the Party found their way on to many troops in the dream in addition to people from Lia’s past. Many acted out their appointed roles, but the elven woman that Synclair took the part of took to telling off the enemy much as the true Syn would have. This caused a strange headache to grip Lia. The battle quickly turned against the defenders as Lia saw the faces of those she cared for and fought alongside being melted to death by acid. In the fight, either Valor lost an arm or Lia caused the memory of Valor to lose an arm as she charged to fight alongside her troops only to be dragged away by the remainder. Lia awoke screaming, flailing, and highly disturbed.

Dain and Synclair did their best to calm Lia after the dream, but it appeared to do little beyond buy Lia time to ask Syn to scout out for their mission to free other escapees from the colosseum in the next day. As Lia returned to a fitful sleep, Syn ventured out into the city and scouted their intended ambush point. The pirate found a number of useful things in the area and did her best to block ways in which the guard could filter in and overwhelm the group. The path to her next task took her by the inn the party had been staying in and revealed they’d gotten out just in time to avoid being taken by the guards in their sleep. Returning to her roots, Syn scouted the dockside warehouses and found an old smugglers den located in a mostly abandoned warehouse. Strangely, a note in the depths of a hidden cellar drew Syn’s attention as it appeared it might be a link to the man who killed her lover, Krusk Engong.

Meanwhile, Scl’ll and Kazgar made the most of their own hiding hole by furnishing it beneath the noses of the library’s staff. It rapidly became a serviceable, secure, and hidden dwelling that it seems unlikely that the staff will ever learn of due to the layers of dust coating the roam. During the start of the day, Scl’ll snuck around the library to gather what information he could from the offices and tomes available. It didn’t take long for the enterprising kobold to find the office of a notable member of the library. With a simple trick, Scl’ll made his way into the office and secured several interesting pieces of information that could lead the party towards their goals. This one its own was a great gain, but more was awaiting the kobold back in the clock tower. On the table, a mystical book containing his own journey was awaiting him as a gift (and request to stop defacing its other book) courtesy of the enigmatic figure known only as The Historian.

Finding a New Hidey Hole

The Party decided their stay at the Broken Mast Inn had gone on too long and that they needed to find a new place to hide within the Aylesian capital city of Brantos. The group split up and went searching throughout the city. Along the southern wall a small abandoned cellar was discovered that would make a perfect hidey hole. Under the cover of darkness the group moved to their new base of operations while Kazgar and Scl’Il got into some trouble, meeting Lady Melody and the Muses, and once again causing the alarm bells of the city to ring out.

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