Slaves of the Sanguine Colosseum

Prisoner Transport Heist! and a lovely evening.

Deciding to act and save the prisoners from their execution, the group ambushed and captured the travelling prisoner cart and rescued the occupants. Scl’il and Syn escorted the prisoners to an abandoned warehouse where they stashed them away and learned that “”/characters/spartacus" class=“wiki-content-link”>Spartacus" most likely died in the escape attempt. Scl’il and Syn then bedded down and had a LOVELY and ENTERTAINING evening :P.

The rest of the part fled the ambush north into the Sune Market, where they were sheltered by Lady Melody. Afterwards the party headed back to the Cellar before heading out that night to attempt to find the whereabouts of Emelia. They discovered the city estate of Donnel’s to be in disuse but did manage to discover a stack of letters in a hidden stash.

The party was also given an offer to board the Ol’ Sally merchant vessel as hired crew under Captain Briarheart.



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