Warrior-Sorceror of Bantu


Madhil was a colorful young human man with a fiery temper that arrived in the same group as slaves as the party. He was one of the younger warriors of a tribe of people found near Bantu. Once he and the other members of the party survived the initial trials, Madhil used his access to new clothing to decorate his hair and clothing with colorful strips of fabric as was the way of his people. This, unfortunately, may have draw too much attention to the young man. Madhil vanished within days of the party’s initial victory. Despite their initial efforts, no trace of Madhil was found until the events that forced the party into their desperate escape began to fall into place.

Madhil is alive, but the party is uncertain if he truly counts as a human anymore. The young man was cruelly subjected to experimental surgery at the hands of the colosseum’s doctor. This surgery was authorized by Ed and requested by the mysterious figure, Wit. Syn found the only remaining trace of Madhil when trapped in Doctor Thomas’ “playroom”. The single scrap of colorful fabric was coated in blood and on the floor of the room. The party is uncertain as to Madhil’s ultimate fate, but the threat his surgery represents continues to hang over them all.


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