Rhosyn, aka "Rose"


Rose is very tall, at 6’3", and slightly heavyset with well defined, lean musculature. Her face is somewhat rounded and she appears younger than she is, although there are faintly discernible and unfortunate remnants of masculinity in her features to the keen eye. Long, wavy strawberry blonde hair drapes around her shoulders, reaching her mid back, no bangs. It tends to be very well kept and meticulously groomed, though recent events have rendered it a fair bit more unkempt. When training or in combat, she keeps it in a loose ponytail or carefully plaited over her left shoulder.

Personality wise, Rose is cautious and timid; it takes her some time to warm up to new people. She also tends to stutter some when nervous, and a lot of things make her nervous. Without really intending to, she tends to wear her heart on her sleeve. She’s a terrible liar, blushes when embarrassed, and has a very expressive face. Introverted and studious to a fault, when given the freedom to do so, she will often be found practicing swordplay, devising new spells with her self-taught runic magic system, or absorbed in a good book, fictional or otherwise.

Being sequestered in a library for a decade of her life, and living under the stern oversight of her less-than-friendly family before that, she’s never had much exposure to the more…colorful aspects of life. As evidenced by how easily even relatively weak ale intoxicates her, the first time she ever tasted it was in the coliseum.


Rhosyn, aka "Rose"

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