Lia's Ring of Duty

Last Memento of a Father


This silver ring is clearly of Fey origin to anyone with knowledge of magic, but appears to be more or less mundane in its properties. It is shaped like a stylized hawk facing to the right with a precisely cut emerald for an eye. Lia keeps the ring close as it was given to her by her father before he disappeared back into the carefully guarded elven forest. The words he had for his daughter were few, but Lia has never forgotten them: “We all do our duty. Sometimes duty hurts and it takes us from those we love, but in the pain of absence we will always remember them.”

Lia wears the ring on a steel chain around her neck. She keeps it buried beneath her clothing and armor even if the ring bites uncomfortable into the flesh of her chest if it rests wrong. The weight of the chain and feeling of the ring serve as a reminder of her father and the duty that she too took up to defend her homeland. She will not part willingly with the ring if she expects ill intent and carefully watches the hands of anyone that she allows to examine the ring. It is incredibly likely that Lia will mercilessly hunt down anyone who dares to take the ring from her.

Lia's Ring of Duty

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