Lia's Utility Ring

Tungsten and Gold Bound by Enchantment


The tungsten band has a stylized grappling hook imprinted in the metal by magic. The gold band has a stylized spyglass imprinted in it by magic. The person bound to the ring is capable of summoning a grappling hook by swinging their arm and “releasing” a grappling hook. This will summon the grappling hook and it can be then be utilized as normal. Unless destroyed outright, the grappling hook can typically be summoned as many times as needed. If destroyed, the magic will create a new grappling hook at the break of the next dawn. Similarly, the person bound to the ring can remove it and peer through the band. This causes the magic in the gold band to act as a spyglass.

Ostensibly, the magic is intended for Lia alone and was bound to her blood and intent, but it seems likely the ring would function for someone else on at least a temporary basis.


A night of theft and sneaking by Scl’Il Dragonspit set off a chain of events that forced Lia to take quick action. Reviewing the information that she had, Lia used an opportunity to force a meeting with Wiz to claim her prize for her part in a stunning “performance” in the arena. The wizard asked her several questions to get an understanding of who Lia was, what drove her, and what she was capable of when she put her mind to it. Lia answered without hesitation and carefully worded her responses to tell the wizard what she needed.

Wiz was far from unintelligent and guessed Lia’s intent. Wiz cautioned Lia against the chaos that her actions would unleash and the inevitable deaths. Events had progressed to a point that delaying action would potentially cause even more deaths and Lia pressed the matter. With a note of fatalism, Wiz extracted a promise from Lia and Rose to find Wiz’s daughter and rescue her. Wiz selected a ring composed of two intertwined bands of tungsten and gold and imbued it with Lia’s blood and intent along with his own magic. The end result was a ring that could summon a grappling hook when Lia motioned to release one from a swinging hand and act as a spyglass when peered through.

Lia originally intended to cast away the ring, but Wiz’s belief in his own death followed promptly by its actual occurrence made her realize the creation of her ring was an act of sacrifice and trust. In many ways, Lia feels she owes it to Wiz to retain and use the ring. A life given freely is not something to take lightly.

Lia's Utility Ring

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