The Party

United by circumstance, these people are undertaking a grand adventure. It involves combat, mercy, friendship, humor, theft, arson, seduction and the consequences thereof, grand larceny, and murder.

The Party (still waiting for an official title) is comprised of eight characters. Their adventure began in the city of Brantos, a primarily human city on the continent of Eos. Initially prisoners in the Sanguine Colosseum, they escaped and are now in the city itself.

Party Members

The Colosseum
Captured through various circumstances, the characters were arrived together in the same batch of slaves. During their incarceration, they met one another and the many people of the arena such as Bob the Peddler, “Spartacus” the veteran gladiator, Doctor Thomas, Ed the Colosseum’s owner, and more. After surviving a few gladiatorial games, their plans for escape came to a chaotic head. Escape led to the death of Wiz, crippling of Ed, and revelation that Lia Sidhe is considered an enemy of the Aylesian state.



The Party

Slaves of the Sanguine Colosseum dubler